Project Vehicles Towing

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At Yarra Ranges Towing, we understand that your project vehicles car is your dream car come true. When breakdowns occur, or involved in an accident the best care in car towing services are necessary. We assure that your custom-made automobile will be in the best and most professional hands and that no further damage will occur while in transport. We know the love and care that you have put into your vehicle and that your vehicle is a show vehicle that must be treated with the precious metals that it is.

Our project vehicles towing is not only towing for vehicles that are broken down or involved in an accident, but also towing your dream car to auto shows, car shows and exhibitions. Like you, we have a sincere love for project vehicles and assure our customers that we will transport their beauty and deliver it in the same condition as we picked it up. We are a fully licenced and insured towing company that delivers excellence in each tow we provide.